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Grass and Rain Drops, Folsom, California

Grass and Rain Droplets, Folsom, CA

Grass and Rain Droplets, Folsom, CA

Tall green grass blown by strong winds right after a rain storm

Last year, around this time, Folsom had seen quite a lot of rain and the grass around the biking trails had grown very tall. In the photograph above the same tall grass were forced flat on the ground by strong winds. As this was shot just after rains stopped, the freshness of the greens and the rain droplets had attracted me to this scene.

I hope I had put some effort to visualize a square format presentation. If I had, instead of cropping and loosing pixels, I could have combined two frame and have a similar crop as this one, and not loose pixels as well. Well, something to keep in mind the next time I’m out shooting I guess.

It amazes me as to how photography has made me aware of my surroundings. When I returned to this same scene, the very same patch of earth barely has 6 inch long grass. There simply isn’t enough rains this time around. But, I see some rain forecast in the coming weeks, so I hope to get out and enjoy them as I did last year.

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