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Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

I made a series of photographs on a beach near the city of Kona in Hawaii, mainly concentrating on the abstract designs that I could find.

What attracted me first to this scene was the bright green sea plants (that’s the best I can describe them as, do let me know if you have a better name). The way their shapes changed with every wave, creating new and exciting patterns against the bright white sands was incredible.

Initially, I tried not getting wet, but that meant that, I would miss a lot of different perspectives, so in I went. Fortunately, the water there in Hawaii is not that cold and it was mildly pleasant to just hang out with my camera glued to my eyes, pointing it down at the sand.

This particular shot was taken right at the boundary of a transition, a phase on the beach where, the wave that just crashed in is receding. Majority of the water flow had already passed, leaving behind a fresh new design made using the sea plants. But right around the edges of this little island, there was a trickle of water that just hung around for a bit more, reflecting the sunlight in various shapes. A little while later all the water would have flown back getting rid of the sparkle that was once there.

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Last Light on Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Last Light on Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Last Light on Mauna Kea, Hawaii Canon5DMarkii_Canon70-200@100mm_F11_1/4s_ISO100

Mauna Kea, the dormant volcano as seen from the junction of Hw19 and Waikoloa Beach Rd.


Here is a link to a wiki page with more info about the volcano itself, but honestly, those little white dot’s on top of it are the telescopes (part of the space observatory) and they should give you an idea about the gigantic size of this volcano.

I must say that photographing this volcano with the last light was not the original plan. My plan was to be at Anaehoomalu Bay (or A-bay) for sunset. Having read a little bit about A-bay, I found it was known for its amazing sunsets. With paid internet access in almost all of the hotels in Hawaii, I had to rely on this little bit of research I did using my iPhone. As we entered the parking area, I saw a sign that said ‘gates close at 7 PM sharp’ but ignored it and continued to park my car. In hindsight I should have backed out and parked in the adjacent shopping center and walked to the beach,  because sunset was at 7:10PM and nearly always the real color show begins after the sun actually sets. Long story short, I was driving out of the parking area when the sky behind me started to explode with colors.

But, as I drove out towards the highway, I was greeted with this magnificent view of the towering volcano bathed in the last light. Parking the car by the side of the road, frantically unpacking my photo gear and setting up the tripod led to the making of this photo.

Sunset Sky, Hawaii

Sunset Sky, Hawaii

Just to show you how good the colors were, take a look at the photo here. This is a section of the western sky. But may be all of this happened for the good. If not for the parking lot restriction, I may have ended up with ‘one more’ Hawaiian sunset on the beach ‘ shot. Mahalo!!

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Inrush, Seaweed and Waves, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes, CA

Inrush, Seaweed and Waves, Mclures Beach, California - Canon5DMarkII_Canon17-40mm@40mm_F11_2s_ISO100

There are these small details everywhere I like, for example, little patches of seaweed found along beaches. They sway along with the movement of the waves and each time a wave crashes and then recedes, these plants take on a new form, a new shape altogether.

I found these while I was scouting for other photo opportunities along the beach while it was still sunny. I made a mental note to return back to the this location later to create some long exposures. Once the sun went down, I setup my tripod on a rock and composed this frame while pointing my lens down. I made number of exposures, with waves rushing in, out or with water movement throughout the exposure duration. This one above was shot after a wave receded and created a beautiful pattern in the seaweed and just as the next wave came rushing into the frame.

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Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes, CA

Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA

A ‘short’ 2hr drive and about a mile downhill hike took us to this beautiful isolated beach in the north end of Point Reyes National seashore. First impression, there are tons of photo opportunities here, depending on the tidal conditions.

Towards the south, there are good amount of rock formations, there is a vast expanse of clear beach all around and some fine rocks, like the one above that dot the beach. In my most recent outings, I’ve tended to point my camera not at the setting sun, but in the opposite direction to capture the beach elements in the late evening light. This also gives me some photographs from the shoot worth sharing, if the sky doesn’t blow up with rich colors, which happens more often than not.

The reflections here don’t normally exist, they appear as the waves crash in and for a brief moment, the sand retains some surface moisture before they all sink in. Check out these subtle reflections next time you are at a beach!

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