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Light and Shadow on Water, Yosemite National Park, CA

Light and Shadow on Water, Yosemite National Park, CA

Light and Shadow on Water, Yosemite National Park, CA

I spent 2 beautiful days in Yosemite this past weekend and got to photograph water in the park.Water is by far the most prominent feature in the park this time of the year. Or I should say, especially this year, since the amount of water run-off from the snow melt is one of the largest in recent times

This one was shot along the Bridalveil Creek, just downstream from the thundering waterfall. Just prior to this, I had walked up to the viewing area without my camera, just to get soaked in the spray of water from the falls. I must say, on this summer day, it was extremely refreshing.

I spent a good amount of time here, getting the shutter speed right to have some texture in the water. With such fast flowing water, any slow shutter speed is not good enough to get the right details. It requires some experimentation in the field to get it right. In this very well written article by Michael Frye, he talks about an interesting aspect of photographing moving water, photographing many number of frames (possibly with different or even same settings), from the same spot and using the same composition, could lead to strikingly different results, just because of the very random nature of moving water.

Talking about this photograph, When I was looking for some interesting patterns along the stream, I found a particular section, where there was a sudden dip and then an immediate obstacle for the moving water. That should explain the curving shape in this frame. Sunlight was filtering down from the trees above and had partially lit the scene, with some very bright spots and some very intriguing shadows. Waiting for the right combination of the two should explain the rest of the photograph.

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Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

Beach Patterns, Kona, Hi

I made a series of photographs on a beach near the city of Kona in Hawaii, mainly concentrating on the abstract designs that I could find.

What attracted me first to this scene was the bright green sea plants (that’s the best I can describe them as, do let me know if you have a better name). The way their shapes changed with every wave, creating new and exciting patterns against the bright white sands was incredible.

Initially, I tried not getting wet, but that meant that, I would miss a lot of different perspectives, so in I went. Fortunately, the water there in Hawaii is not that cold and it was mildly pleasant to just hang out with my camera glued to my eyes, pointing it down at the sand.

This particular shot was taken right at the boundary of a transition, a phase on the beach where, the wave that just crashed in is receding. Majority of the water flow had already passed, leaving behind a fresh new design made using the sea plants. But right around the edges of this little island, there was a trickle of water that just hung around for a bit more, reflecting the sunlight in various shapes. A little while later all the water would have flown back getting rid of the sparkle that was once there.

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Light and Shadow on Ice, Yosemite

Light, Shadow and Ice, Yosemite

Light, Shadow and Ice, Yosemite Canon5DMarkII_Canon70-200mm@113mm_F11_1/200s_ISO100

Looking into a telephoto lens and pointing it at just snow can reveal interesting shapes and contours. These shapes are created by nothing but light, shadow and the uneven snow surface. I initially stopped my car near the El Capitan meadow to shoot some of the black oaks, with snow lining up on their branches. But then when I looked down at the icy landscape below my feet, these interesting shapes created by the low angled light temped me to create this abstract design.

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