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Tall Grass Sticking out of Water, Folsom, CA

Tall Grass Sticking Out of Water, Folsom, CA - Canon5DMarkII_Canon70-200@70mm_F8_1/10s_ISO100

This was shot, standing on a bridge, while looking down at the water. The sun was setting behind me and was casting this beautiful light on the top of the grass, but not the water. Initially while looking at it on a screen, I had an impression that this could seem to be busy, so I made a small 6×4 test print and I really liked the result.

Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes, CA

Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA

A ‘short’ 2hr drive and about a mile downhill hike took us to this beautiful isolated beach in the north end of Point Reyes National seashore. First impression, there are tons of photo opportunities here, depending on the tidal conditions.

Towards the south, there are good amount of rock formations, there is a vast expanse of clear beach all around and some fine rocks, like the one above that dot the beach. In my most recent outings, I’ve tended to point my camera not at the setting sun, but in the opposite direction to capture the beach elements in the late evening light. This also gives me some photographs from the shoot worth sharing, if the sky doesn’t blow up with rich colors, which happens more often than not.

The reflections here don’t normally exist, they appear as the waves crash in and for a brief moment, the sand retains some surface moisture before they all sink in. Check out these subtle reflections next time you are at a beach!

Grass and Rain Drops, Folsom, California

Grass and Rain Droplets, Folsom, CA

Grass and Rain Droplets, Folsom, CA

Tall green grass blown by strong winds right after a rain storm

Last year, around this time, Folsom had seen quite a lot of rain and the grass around the biking trails had grown very tall. In the photograph above the same tall grass were forced flat on the ground by strong winds. As this was shot just after rains stopped, the freshness of the greens and the rain droplets had attracted me to this scene.

I hope I had put some effort to visualize a square format presentation. If I had, instead of cropping and loosing pixels, I could have combined two frame and have a similar crop as this one, and not loose pixels as well. Well, something to keep in mind the next time I’m out shooting I guess.

It amazes me as to how photography has made me aware of my surroundings. When I returned to this same scene, the very same patch of earth barely has 6 inch long grass. There simply isn’t enough rains this time around. But, I see some rain forecast in the coming weeks, so I hope to get out and enjoy them as I did last year.

Shoreline, Crater Lake National Park, OR

Shoreline, Crater Lake, Oregon

Shoreline, Crater Lake, Oregon

(Click on the image to view large on black (lightbox))

Early morning warm light hitting the inner slopes of Crater Lake. The partially melted snow along the banks create a pleasing weaving pattern emphasizing the reflective quality of the water

As promised, this is my favorite image from Crater Lake that I have. It takes some time for the rising sun to hit the western slopes and reach the water below. By western slopes I mean ‘The Watchman” right behind the Wizard Island. ┬áIt was fun to watch the orange glow hit the Watchman and then progressively reach down and touch the water below. If you don’t know what the Watchman or the Wizard island is, then click the thumbnail.

Since this was summer, sunrise was at 5:15 AM. On most days I would be fast asleep at this time, but I don’t know what got into me on a Friday evening that I decided to drive non-stop all night and reach Crater Lake for the sunrise. 5 – 6 photo shoot, and then I was fast asleep in the parking lot next to the visitor cafe.

This particular scene caught my eyes as the sun started lighting up the slopes. The distinct shoreline is made visible mainly because of the partially melted snow, showing the dark soil. The contrast between the snow, the dark soil and the shimmering reflections creates some beautiful patterns.

Sunrise, Crater Lake National Park, OR

Sunrise, Crater Lake National Park, OR

Sunrise, Crater Lake National Park, OR

Reviving my blog posting routine after a short break. I thought of doing that by posting images from 2010 which are sitting on my hard drive waiting to be processed first.

The image in this post was shot last summer (first week of June) when there was still lots of snow left in this park. The snow was crumbling under my feet. That part was pretty scary because it was difficult with all the snow to find out where the crater actually starts. I may have been standing on loose snow and a 100 foot drop below my feet :)

It was a fine sunrise, but my favorite image from this trip was shot may be 5 minutes after this. So stay tuned for the full story and my fav image.