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Snow Covered Trees and Fall Color, Yosemite 2012


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Valley Oak and Snow, Yosemite National Park, 2012

Oak Tree with gets a dose of late evening light after a snow storm cleared during the fall season.

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Merced River Canyon, Clearing Storm, CA

This photograph was made during the same fall trip to Yosemite when an early snow storm had all the photographers excited for some beautiful weather in the valley. I had started driving from home, well aware that I would not make it into the Yosemite valley in time for sunrise. I had hoped that the [...]

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Black Oak and Snow, Yosemite, Fall 2012

I drove into Yosemite just as a snow storm cleared, in fact it had already cleared and apparently all good photos were made that morning around sunrise But, there were other opportunities, mainly the details, throughout the day. It snowed on and off all day, ending with a decent sunset. This photograph was made in [...]

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Desert Brush Details, Mono Lake, 2012

  Just prior to making this photo, I had shot a beautiful sunset over the Mono Lake. When all the light from the high clouds had disappeared, I turned around to scene lit by beautiful dispersed light, one that usually occurs after the sun has set. Well, I went to the Eastern Sierras in late [...]

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Favorite Photographs – 2012

The year 2012 started with a few good images close to home in the American RIver Parkway, then slowed down during the spring and summer months and gained pace again during fall with some beautiful opportunities in the Eastern Sierra and Yosemite. Below are few of my favorites for this year. Please feel free to [...]

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Sheet of Ice, Yosemite, 2012

A beautifully shaped sheet of ice found along the Merced close to Cathedral beach. I usually make it a point to stop at some of the popular spots in the park, spend some time and check for any new details. I had previously stopped along the Cook’s meadow for some lunch/ browsing time at the [...]

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Ripples and Distortion, Yosemite, 2012

A light wind was wiping out any clear reflection on the Merced, but the constantly changing direction of the wind, created some interesting unique patterns every instant.

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Snowy Banks, Yosemite, 2012

Visiting places in the park you are already familiar with can be very rewarding. Since you already know the location, you are not anxious and that can lead to you seeing new opportunities not seen by you before.

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Black Oaks, El Capitan Meadow, Yosemite 2012

Just after a snow storm, a wee bit of sunlight filters through the clouds to light up the scene.

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