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Dogwoods, Yosemite National Park

Dogwoods , Yosemite National Park

Dogwoods , Yosemite National Park, Canon5DmarkII_Canon70-200@140_F18_0.6s_ISO100

Dogwoods standout against the flowing Merced river.

I was in the Yosemite valley couple of weekends back. Although I had initially thought that the dogwood season was way past the peak bloom, I was surprised to find out that there still were lots of trees with full blooming dogwoods. Areas around curry village in particular had lots of trees fully draped with dogwoods. It looked like a fresh snow storm had dusted those trees.

The weather during my two days there was more than perfect for photographing dogwoods. It was part cloudy part sunny with periods in between which cast beautiful diffused light onto the dogwoods. In bright sunlight the dogwoods and the surrounding forest are to contrasty and it looks like a huge white mess. In the shade and when the sun  is blocked by clouds, the dogwoods now have a chance to shine against the darker foliage.

In the shot above, the dogwoods are sort of backlit and they stand out against the blurred flowing river. With the shutter speed a little too fast, the background looks a little too messy and the dogwoods are lost in the mess. With an extreme slow shutter speed, the background is too smooth and lacks texture. I had to experiment with different shutter speeds to get the right balance.

This shot looks good both in color in BW and I have a color version with a little different composition which I will share at a later date. For now do enjoy this BW.

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  1. Dinesh October 10, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    This is Ansel Adams imagination. I like the text as much as the photograph. As a beginner, it is really frustrating when I see some beautiful pictures and the photographer fails to mention either the place or the time or the context or technique or the story behind the shot. Most of the times it is all the above!! So I love the fact that you have detailed how you made the shot. I found your site while ramdomly googling for fall foliage along eastern sierra. I am going to Bishop and June lake loop/Ansel Adams wilderness on Oct 15-16, hunting for fall foliage. I will be taking my Sigma 10-20mm and a rented Canon 24-70mm (wanted to test before I buy). But looking at your pictures, may be I should rent a 70-200mm as well !

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