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Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes, CA

Reflected Rock, Mclures Beach, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA

A ‘short’ 2hr drive and about a mile downhill hike took us to this beautiful isolated beach in the north end of Point Reyes National seashore. First impression, there are tons of photo opportunities here, depending on the tidal conditions.

Towards the south, there are good amount of rock formations, there is a vast expanse of clear beach all around and some fine rocks, like the one above that dot the beach. In my most recent outings, I’ve tended to point my camera not at the setting sun, but in the opposite direction to capture the beach elements in the late evening light. This also gives me some photographs from the shoot worth sharing, if the sky doesn’t blow up with rich colors, which happens more often than not.

The reflections here don’t normally exist, they appear as the waves crash in and for a brief moment, the sand retains some surface moisture before they all sink in. Check out these subtle reflections next time you are at a beach!

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