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Spring Bloom, Folsom, CA

Springe Bloom, Folsom, CA Canon5DMarkII-Canon70-200@140-F4-1/125s-ISO100

A bunch of white wild flowers basking in late evening light.

I usually go out for a walk/run in the evening in one of the many bike trails that are around here in Folsom. A particular section of the trail is my favorite. It has such interesting elements, a crazy oak tree, tall grass that grows in the spring, some flowers in spring, a bridge over a little pond, the water in the pond stays only during the winter and early spring months, some birds that take advantage of this water, beautiful grass that grows in the water. So I thought I could spend an evening around here photographing anything that catches my attention.

The above shot is just one of many that I have and will post soon. I saw this bunch of white flowers that were getting a good dose of the late evening low angled light. The landscape surrounding it was interesting as well, there was uneven growth in the grass which created a dynamic play of shadow and light. I hope you enjoy this delicate little intimate detail.

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