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Morning Mist, June Lake, California


Morning Mist and Grass, June Lake, California

Morning Mist and Grass, June Lake, California

Mist rising from the lake surface  at sunrise on a cold autumn morning in June Lake, Eastern Sierras, California

This was shot during my second visit to the eastern sierras this fall. The first visit had generated some wonderful fall color viewing and photographing opportunities, so I kind of had high expectations from my second visit, but due to recent snows, most of the color was knocked down and the weather did not co-operate. I had set up camp at the June Lake Campground, but instead of waking early in the morning and driving a long distance to either South/North Lake or Lake Sabrina (a favourite fall color photographing location), I instead chose to sleep a little late and enjoy the sunrise from the banks of June Lake.

It was also my wife’s first camping out in the cold, well it was 35F – 40F in the night and for someone from the tropics, that’s a lot to tolerate. But the mood at the lake at sunrise with all the mist rising from the surface did compensate for all the cold she had to tolerate and she actually enjoyed being there.

There was sound from a light breeze, the thin layer of mist on the lake surface dancing around with it, but other than that it was completely silent. I noticed these long grass sticking out from the lake bed along with their reflection in the calm waters. Along with the mist and some muted colors, I think it conveys the silent and calm mood pretty well. With no color saturation, I did think about presenting this in BW, but I think there is not much contrast in the scene for that to be effective and also I like the muted colors.

I made this photograph with not much color, while my primary intention of this visit was to to capture vibrant fall colors. Sometimes a pre-conceived idea can completely blind you from seeing everything else that is interesting, but I’m glad that I was able to switch my mindset to adapt what lay before me. I think it is important to be flexible with our plans, when conditions do not co-operate for or original plan to work out.

Here is one from when the first light hit the snow covered peaks.

Sunrise and Morning Mist, June Lake, California

Sunrise and Morning Mist, June Lake, California

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  1. Prakash December 8, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    Sudhi, love the first one. In the second one though, the reflection of the mountains is a bit distracting (to me)….

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