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Ripples and Reflections – Lake Sabrina, CA

Ripples and Reflections - Lake Sabrina, CA

Ripples and Reflections - Lake Sabrina, CA

Ripples created by a boat on the surface of Lake Sabrina in the Eastern Sierras on a beautiful autumn morning. October 2nd 2010“ 

October 2nd was one of those magical days when many things lined up perfectly. I couldn’t have picked a better day to visit the Eastern Sierras for the first time. I had started driving at midnight hoping to reach Lake Sabrina by sunrise and I did. The weather predictions were rather discouraging, but the chances of getting a dynamic image increases with the uncertainty in the weather.

On this morning, the act of sunrise it self was rather dulled by some thick rain clouds in the eastern skies and to add to that there was a steady breeze blowing off all reflections on the lake surface. The grand landscape image with the high peaks, their reflections and with the first light was lost. Things did turn out pretty well half an hour past sunrise and I did get this picture with some beautiful clouds. But once I clicked something that was easily available, I went fishing for those intimate details using my 70-200mm. 

Picking details using my 70-200 can be really a fun experience. As a fishing boat started gliding on the lake surface, I found these patterns created by the ripples. What makes this more interesting is the reflection of the brightly colored aspens lining up the hills above the lake. The wide variety of colors and the distortion created by the ripples gives this an impressionistic feel, although no kind of camera motion was used while creating this. 

Camera : Canon 7D
Lens : Canon 70-200mm F/4L
Tripod : Manfrotto 190x ProB
Cable Release

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